What inspires you?

When does it happen?

Where do you see yourself?

Why are you going there?

How do you manifest reality?

Picture Changing The World


I carry my camera with me wherever I go and hope for those perfect moments when the light is just right. Other times I set up my studio and work on Macro photographs of glass and other art objects.

Graphic Artwork

As an Artist, I work with Clients to find the perfect Art for their interior spaces. I enjoy helping people discover colors and styles that will work for them in their home or business.


Welcome to my Abstract Designs. I love colors and all of these designs are vivid explosions of color and imagination. I am creating my own colors and then designing patterns from many layers of colors and textures.

If I can picture changing the world then I will. If I can imagine making things better for this place then I will. If I can see a way to transform suffering into expansion and gratitude then I will. My gift to this Awareness is light and joy and love.

Inner Peace

Find the inner peace and stillness that lies in the center of all. The soothing reminder of a life lived well. Contained within stillness is grace.

Boundless Love

Contained withing grief is Love and love is actually where it all began for me. Love without bounds and the creation of life outside of reality.

Artworks In Boise

Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity. ~Khalil Gibran

Your local source for high quality artwork and merchandise

Motivational Artwork

When people are supported in becoming self aware they will be able to motivate inspired changes in their lives which in turn will help them to identify, define and discover success in their own lives. Our products encourage people to surround themselves with who and what inspires them on a personal level. We are creating artwork and merchandise that gives people access to their favorite motivational authors, speakers and brands via items created with uplifting quotes, themes and original artwork. Website coming soon….

Boise Art Consulting

Here you will find inspirational and uplifting artwork for your home or office. We offer a wide variety of artwork, photography and graphic designs and if we don’t have what you want, we will make it for you.

Interior Design Partnerships

My Company is TradeRoutz livingStyle. We are an interior décor online store, and have had the pleasure and honour of acquiring artworks from Artworks. One particular project, which, to our astonishment and delight, was a cascade of enormous wonder and beauty, came about through the incredible vision and expertise of Omaste of Artworks, where she interpreted the myriad of colours of a hand-blown vase, seen through a spectrum of light, and then transferred that vision onto canvas. We have never seen anything quite like it.Through this breathtaking picture, our customers were drawn to these works of hand blown glass that we sell, and the picture itself found a home in a high profile contemporary house we had the pleasure of decorating.

There are other works of art that we have obtained from Artworks, and I can honestly say, that her work is in a league of its own. Nowhere in the art world, have I ever seen anything remotely similar or as extraordinary as the works from Artworks. Omaste has vision and talent which is a rarity today.

Artworks deliver on time. Prices are more than reasonable, and quality of all work is unsurpassed.

Deborah Mann

Interior Designer, Trade Routz Living Style

Let’s Design Something Together

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Thank you for joining me on my odyssey of enlightenment and possibilities and stay tuned for creative expressions of my journey.

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